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Tommy BakerAged 14 Tommy Baker almost died in a car crash and was told by medical experts that he shouldn’t set his life ambitions much beyond “playing Connect 4 in a day centre.”

Yet within a few years Tommy had pioneered a brand new sports entertainment category, was crowned the “Godfather of freestyle basketball”, and was the holder of multiple world records.

Tommy has now put these experiences into a powerful motivational message where he talks about:

  1. Passion – First find what you love, then choose how you love. The importance of focus and being ruthless about what deserves your attention and energy.
  2. Embracing and learning from failure – The path to personal growth is full of failure. There is no escaping it and so it demands a deliberate choice: Will you let failure demoralise you or will you make it serve you? Your response to failure determines the trajectory of your growth. Interesting that James Dyson also had over 5,000 failed prototypes before finally succeeding with his first bag-less vacuum cleaner!
  3. Resilience – When your passion goes AWOL, and you hit rock-bottom, who you gonna call? Remember who you’re becoming.

The story of Tommy’s journey is especially relevant for leaders and managers who, on one hand are being tasked with more leading innovation or transformation, and yet on the other, are often paralysed by the fear of failure.

Tommy integrates some jaw-dropping tricks and stunts into his talk, and also gets delegates learning basketball tricks in a matter of minutes. So it’s a great combination of inspiring story, practical application, fun and energy.

Media clips

Tommy Baker: Motivational speaker (video, 2′57″)
Motivational speaker
video, 2′57″
Tommy Baker: NBA Jam 2009 (video, 3′05″)
NBA Jam 2009
video, 3′05″
Tommy Baker: Tommy Baker (jpeg image)
Tommy Baker
jpeg image
Tommy Baker: NBA Jam 2008 (video, 3′19″)
NBA Jam 2008
video, 3′19″
Tommy Baker: Tommy Baker in Estonia (video, 2′05″)


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